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5 Reasons to Visit Indonesia

5 Reasons to Visit Indonesia 


Why visit this great country that has gotten so much bad press over the last year? Where is Indonesia ? Bali yes but the rest of Indonesia , hum. Have you heard statements like this before? Here you will find 5 exceptional reasons that clearly tell you why you have to visit Indonesia.







1.The Indonesian People

Long before the tagline “the land of a thousand smiles’ even existed in the mind of some marketing executive dreamed it up, it existed and flourished in reality. Indonesians are naturally the glass is half full type of people who take a great joy and pleasure in family and simple pleasures. It is this enjoyment of the basics that really differentiates Indonesian culture. the basics contain spicy food, coffee, music, dance and generous sprinklings of hot gossip. Work and goal orientated living does play a growing factor yet it is still low on the priority list of most of your average Bambangs (Joes).



2.The Lands of Indonesia

Putting lost Temples , ancient cultures and traditions aside for one moment. The land, the soil, the paddy fields, the hills, the valleys, the mountains, the volcanoes, the beaches, the rivers, the lakes, well so many things down to the flowers and fauna that grace this land. Point a camera in any direction and press that button. Standing on the slopes of the volcanoes around Mt Bromo watching smoke billow from the crater caught by the first light of sunrise, is chilling both with morning air and the sheer beauty. Crouching in the dense jungles of Kalimantan as your guide points at orangutans gliding through the trees above, simply breathtaking. Wondering through the tea plantations in Puncak, down winding paths gazing silhouetted tea leaf pickers use the last moments of light to fill their baskets, tranquility personified.







3.The Seas of Indonesia

The lush greens of the rainforest, paddy fields and palm trees are only a prelude to what awaits under the water’s surface. Coral gardens bubbling with color and life, made possible by crystal clear waters heated by the tropical currents and underground volcanic geysers. This combination has created the home for marine evolution and boasts types of aquatic life that is unparalleled in the world. Places like Raja Ampat, Bunaken will leave you wishing you don’t have to return to the surface. Diving and snorkeling is a must in this archipelago as you are never far from the water’s edge.



4. The Indonesian Atmosphere

Take our previous points and mix. People, land and sea. There is no question that when you find the natural beauty that Indonesia has to offer combined with the cordial slow paced life style you too will fall in love with this truly amazing country. Plus things are improving all the time with a young but bold democracy that strives to build Indonesia ’s new name in the world while protecting its heritage for future generations.



5. The Indonesian Adventure

As the dictionary describes Adventure

An Unusual, Exciting, and Daring Experience. Indonesia ’s cultural and ethnic diversity ensure a unique experience.

Be the first to paraglide off the hills in North Sumatra . Be the first to dive into the waters off the coast of Flores . Be the first to drink sweet tea and watch the sun rise over your amazing adventure.



Welcome to Indonesia




All works of Art are taken from Fadil Basymeleh