Tribes from Nusa Tenggara


Suri Ikun dan Dua Burung

In antiquity, the island of Timor there lived a farmer with a wife and fourteen children.Seven children of men and seven women. Although they have a large garden, the garden is not sufficient to support the family. The reason is that existing plants are often marred by a wild boar.

Farmer was assigned to her son to take turns keeping their garden of wild boar. Unless Suri Ikun, sixth brother is a coward and envious. Begita heard a snort of wild boar, they would be running away from her garden.

Another case with Suri Ikun, when he heard the pig come, he then took a bow and shot him. After the animal was dead, she took him home. There has been waiting for his brothers.

The oldest brother in charge of handing out pork forest. Because dengkinya, he just gives Suri Ikun head of the animal. It is certainly not a lot of meat that can be obtained from the head.

Next, he asks Suri Ikun bersamannya seek grinding his father's left in the middle of the forest. At that time it was already night.

The forest at night according to a story inhabited by evil ghosts. With fear she began running to follow his brother. He did not know that her brother took the other road that leads home.

Stay Suri Ikun that grew into a forest. Again and again he called the name of his brother.The call was answered by the ghosts of forest. They deliberately mislead Ikun Suri.

After being in the middle of the forest then, the ghosts are caught. He did not immediately eaten, because according to the ghosts that he was too skinny.

He then locked up in the middle cave. He is fed regularly. The cave was completely dark. But luckily there is a gap beside it, so Suri Ikun still there is light coming into the cave.

From the hole, Suri Ikun see there are two starving kittens bird. He also shared his food with them. After all these years, the birds rose into birds grow very big and strong. They want to free Ikun Suri.

At one point, the ghosts that opened the door to the cave, two birds are attacked and injured ghost ghost. Then they flew Suri Ikun to the area is hilly high.

With his magical power, The birds are creating a palace complete with palace guards and servants. It was there for the next Suri Ikun happy.

(Adapted freely from Mrs. SDB Safe, "Suri Ikun and The Two Birds," Folk Tales From Indonesia, Jakarta: Djambatan, 1976).