Tribes from Sumatra

Banta Seudang

In ancient times, there was a king who led the Aceh region. The King led the country with a fair and wise. He was accompanied by a beautiful empress and noble. The King and Per-maisuri happy life. Moreover, the Empress was pregnant with their first child. After nine months, the empress gave birth to a baby boy is handsome. What a ba - happy - its the King. Prospective successor has been born later. The baby is then named Banta Seudang.

Less than one month of age Banta, the King suddenly ill. He has a fever and his eyes became blind. The temptation was very sad the King and Queen. Some doctors have been summoned to treat the king. However, every effort was fruitless physician. The King is very restless. When he was still blind, of course not free to lead his people, when his son was a baby. He was afraid his people would be displaced. Then the King handed over the reins of power to his younger brother until Banta adult.

Apparently the younger brother of King is very bad. Shortly after the power delivered to the King's brother, he sent the king and his family lived in a modest house that is located far from the palace. He deliberately alienate the royal family so that he can be in power forever. Every day, the sister of the King sends a bamboo tube rice with fish and vegetables as food rations for the family. Life of King and his family who had turned into a shortage affluent. They must depend on the provision of the King's brother.Sometimes, the younger King was sending rations at all so that the royal family of starvation. Nevertheless, the King and Queen remain patient. They believe, who do evil, a time will receive his punishment.

Time flies. Banta grew up in a state all-deficiency. He grew into a handsome young brave, honest, and know the manners. He also knew his family suffered due to crime pakciknya own. Over time, Banta can not bear to witness suffering family. Especially when his father saw the blind. He vowed to get medicine for his father-swatch.

"Father, Mother, Banta wanted to go abroad in search of a cure for the father," said Banta. King and Queen release Banta's departure by prayer.

Long story short, Banta arrived at se - the fruit of the forest. One time, she prayed and became a aulia congregation. Finished praying, Banta told aulia it that he wanted to find a cure for his father who is blind. Aulia was advised to take interest bangkawali contained in a pond as a medication for the father Banta.

They moved into the forest Banta aulia meant by that. Apparently in the middle of the woods there is a beautiful garden with a pond and water clearly a simple hut. Inside the shack was staying Mak Toyo, the park rangers. Actually, the park was owned by a king who lived very far from the forest. The King had seven daughters who are all flawless in image. That said, each princess has a magic shirt. When the clothes worn then the people who use it to fly like a bird.

Banta then lived with Toyo Mak. Every day she was caring for the park. One Friday, the seven daughters of King bathing in the pool. Banta very fascinated with their beauty. As they rested, Madame Toyo down to the pond, then patted the water three times.Suddenly flowers bangkawali.

"Madame, may I ask that bangkawali interest for the drug my father?" Asked Banta.

Mak Toyo give it. How a happily --- Banta. He wants to go home. But before, she wanted to marry one of King's daughter. Then Banta postpone the pulangannya.

The next Friday, the seventh daughter of the King was again bathed in the pond. As they bathe it, secretly Banta stole one of their flying clothes which lay on the stone. As the seventh daughter wanted to go home, they were confused because the clothes fly the Youngest lost and unable to go home. Forced the Bung-su lived together Mak Toyo.

After spending some time at home Mak Toyo, the Youngest Banta fell in love with a good heart. Similarly Banta. The two later married. A few days after the wedding, Banta took the Youngest and Mak Toyo to meet his parents. Do not forget, the flowers he brought bang-kawali well.

Banta arrival welcomed by the King and Queen. Banta ---- soon to grab a bowl of water.Flowers bangkawali it soak in it, and the water is dikompreskan to face her father.Shortly thereafter, his father can see again.

The next day, Banta's father came to the palace to meet his sister. Seeing the arrival of her brother who is not blind again, his sister is very nervous. He also feels guilty for abandoning his family's older brother.

"Forgive me, Bang. So far I have been neglecting family Abang. Now I hand it back to the throne Abang, "said the sister.

Banta's father went back to become king. Banta happy life along with his father and mother and his wife Madame Toyo. Some time later Banta became king after his father's inauguration. He led the country with a fair and wise.

Uncle: uncle.

Aulia: saint, guardian.

Author: Daryatun