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Will you be my...


When is the person that you are dating classified as your boyfriend or girlfriend. Imagine you are 11 years old and yes you fall madly deeply in love with the girl with pigtails. Why, well lets face it no matter how old we get we never truly figure that one out. She stands before you and you utter those immortal uncomfortable words that could lead to unparallelled joy or unmitigated rejection, will you be my girlfriend?

Over the course of our relationships history those words seem to be said less, is it because we instinctively know when we wish to pursue a relation or we are too afraid to ask in fear of rejection. Whatever the reason that is seemingly the way it is.

Now place yourself in Indonesia, dare to dream that you have fallen in love with the heart beat of another's soul. You spirit pushes you on through and beyond cultural social boundaries and your love is reciprocated with unbridled passion. Congratulations you have made it or so you might think.

One day you face a steely stare and the question of, what is our status? Your heart skips a beat and your mind jumps, pirouettes and lands in a heap on the ground beside you. You want to get married? Not entirely a ridiculous question but your voice and intonation has made it sound like having kidney stones removed with a spoon and straw would be more fun. Not surprisingly this for some reason has made the situation even worse.

"No" the retort is aggressive and unflinching. "Are you going to ask me to be your girlfriend?"

"What are we in high school or something?" if you had the ability to go back in time slap yourself in the face and remind yourself of 45 seconds ago to think before speaking, you would.

The point is, in Indonesia status in every respect is important, things are rarely taken for granted, above all in relationships. Plus a word to the wise, if this status is not important then that could be a strong indication that that relationship holds a similar value.

As you stand there and hear those words come out of your mouth once again after so many years, will you be my boyfriend or girlfriend ? You can't help but sneak a little smirk in, remember this is an essential step for your partner. Plus should we really have evolved beyond this declaration of love? This writer has realized that any and all reaffirmation of love can only be a welcome and wonderful thing.

Thank you Indonesia for not loosing your innocent and simple perspective of life and love.