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Jakarta Ancol Dreamland

Ancol Dreamland

(Taman Impian Jaya Ancol)


Located on Jakarta Bay in North Jakarta, Ancol Dreamland is Indonesia's largest and most diverse recreational facility. The 24-hour complex offers an incredibly wide array entertainment options from family oriented entertainment, to late night adult options.

The main gate is open 24-hours – the various attractions operate on different schedules. If arriving by taxi, an entrance fee of Rp.10,000 must be paid at the main gate, then an additional fee is charged for each individual activity.


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Ancol Dreamland is far too large to just get dropped at the main gate and have a wander around. If arriving by taxi, it’s best to be dropped at the attraction you want to see first, and then arrange transportation to other attractions. Transportation within Dreamland is not very good, making “attraction hopping” a bit difficult. There is a cable car system, but waits are often long. Other options are becak (bicycle rickshaw), ojek (motorbike taxi), flagging the occasional taxi, or a good old fashioned, long walk.

If at all possible, it’s best to visit the family attractions during the week – weekends are normally extremely crowded. Weekends are the best times to enjoy the discos and other nightlife.


Getting to Ancol Dreamland

The Transjakarta Busway (Rp.3,500) has two lines that can be used to reach Ancol. The orange line goes directly to Ancol and the red line goes to Kota Station, which is a short distance away.

A taxi will cost about Rp.70,000 from South Jakarta, or Rp.40,000 from Central Jakarta.


Fantasy World (Dunia Fantasi)

Fantasy World is a theme park that’s fun for all ages. It features a number of slow rides, such as spinning tea cups and a Ferris wheel that are suitable for young children, as well as the fast, twisting, turning thrill rides that teenagers and adults enjoy. Fantasy World is built around the various geographical themes of Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Indonesia, and Old Jakarta. It also has several family orientated theater performances.


Sea World (aquarium)

SeaWorld is a beautifully designed fresh and salt water aquarium that features thousands of fish, dolphins, and other marine life from around the world.

The dolphin show, shark exhibit, piranha, giant crabs, jelly fish, turtles, live coral, and electric eels are some of the more popular attractions. There is a walk-thru tunnel that gives visitors an excellent view of the underwater water habitat. There is also an educational area that has a theater that shows educational films and numerous exhibits where one can learn more about fish, coral, and the marine ecosystem in general.

Atlantis Water Adventure (water park)

Visitors to Atlantis Water Adventure get a glimpse of the lost city of Atlantis. This fairly traditional water park has a wave pool, river pool, slides, and children’s pool. It also has volleyball, an event center, as well as plenty of places to eat and get something to drink.


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Gelanggang Samudra

Gelanggang Samudra (Ocean Venues) offers dolphin, sea lion, and other shows in which well trained animals perform a variety of tricks. The shows are offered several times a day. It also has a 4D cinema that shows 3D films with ocean breezes or mist added in for effect. There are also small aquariums, a mixed batch of small amusement rides for children, and ample places to eat.


Beaches and Marina

The Ancol Dreamland Marina is Jakarta’s private marina. In addition to the dozens of private boats,            

there are facilities for renting jet skies, sailboats, and fishing equipment.

Carnival (pantai Carnaval) and Festival (pantai Festival) beaches are the two beaches in the Ancol Dreamland complex. Most western visitors feel the water of Jakarta Bay is too polluted for swimming, but the beaches are a good place to relax. It’s a nice atmosphere, with clean sand, a few scattered coconut trees, and a view of the bay. Chairs with umbrellas are provided, and there are several snack bars available.


Art Market (Pasar Seni)

The Art Market is where local artists show off their talent, sell their art, and accept commissions from fans. There are also artisans crafting traditional Indonesian crafts such as ikat, batik, leather, puppets, rattan, and musical instruments. Besides what one would consider art, there are souvenir shops as well, selling inexpensive memories of Indonesia. The outdoor stage is a regular venue for big music events.



Overlooking the sea, Padang Golf Jaya Ancol is the 18-hole golf course and driving range in Ancol Dreamland. It’s well landscaped grounds feature coconut trees and a challenging sea breeze to go along with traditional sand traps and ponds. Padang golf is open to the public – no memberships are required. There is also a pro shop that sells and rents equipment, a locker room, and a restaurant.


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“Being the largest integrated tourist site in Southeast Asia, Ancol has various restaurants that offer not only good food but also a nice coastal ambiance with a beautiful panorama,” says the Jakarta Post article, "Restaurants with oceanic ambiance popular."

Segarra Beach Club - Carnival Beach - A wide variety of Asian and western food, with indoor and outdoor seating.


Le Bridge Cafe - Jakarta Bay - Walk 100 meters across a wooden bride to get to this dining oasis serving a variety of international dishes.


Backstage Concert Café – Carnival Beach pool - Serves a variety of western and Asian dishes, and regularly has live music ranging from rock and roll to jazz.


Jimbaran Resto - Carnival Beach - Select your dinner Balinese style, while it's still alive from one of the many aquariums.

BandarDjakarta - Carnival Beach - A Jakarta legend - well known for excellent seafood.

Dermaga One (Pier One) - Carnival Beach - Specializes in Sulawesi style seafood.



Putri Duyung Hotel is a resort complex that offers rooms as well as gorgeous cottages with bay views, along with a boat shaped swimming pool, jogging track, and tennis court. Rates range from about Rp.600,000 for a superior room, to Rp.5 million for a suite that sleeps six.

Mercure Convention Centre is a large (434 room) international standard resort hotel with direct beach access. The hotel has excellent conference and business facilities. Rates are quoted in U.S. dollars and range from $150 for a room to $250 for a suite.

Hotel Raddin Ancol is a standard business/tourist hotel. Internet bookings are currently unavailable.


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