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Carita is a typical seaside resort town that stretches along the coast 20 kilometers south of Anyer.

Carita is very popular among Jakartans wanting to escape the busy capital and you may find, especially on weekends that the beach is thronged with tourists, snorkeling in the murky waters and jet skis propelling themselves ferociously up and down the coast. Carita has its advantages over Anyer in that there is more choice of hotels thus allowing for some cheaper prices and lower end places to stay.

The town is a good base to organize various tours in the region; the most popular is Krakatau. You will be quoted some very silly prices from guys on the street however don't be fooled by this. Booking a tour to Krakatau should cost somewhere in the region of Rp400, 000. Be aware the Anak Krakatau is still very much active. There have been reports of tourists visiting the volcano during a mild earthquake leaving everyone in a panic to get to the mainland. It is always safer to book your Krakatau tours with a organized travel company.


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There are also operations that will organize a four-day and three-night trek into Ujong Kulon trying to spot the elusive Black Rhino. The company you should look out for is The Black Rhino Tour Company located just opposite the marina.


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One particular place of interest is Karang bolong. This is a small stretch of beach that is home to a very large boulder. This boulder arrived with the eruption of Krakatau and it gives a great insight into the force at which this volcano erupted. There is usually a small charge to gain entrance to the beach.

If you want to get insight in to west Java life then hire a moped and head for the port town of Labuan just south of Carita. There isn't anything of particular interest other than gaining an insight into everyday peoples lives in the fishing town. Further south from Labuan and you will start to enter the magnificent park of Ujong Kulon.