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Central Kalimantan

Central Kalimantan


The capital of Central Kalimantan province is called the Palangka Kingdom with an area of 157,983 km2 and includes 13 districts with 85 city districts consisting of 1340 villages and 101 districts and autonomous regions.


Here are some of the highlights:


Tanjung Puting National Park

(A National Park since 1982)


The Key Information

400,000 hectors

Terrain : tropical heath forest and peat swamp forest


200 bird species

17 reptile species

29 mammal species

2000 orangutans

200+ known species of orchids

600+ known species of tress

Temperature:range: 16-35°C (62-95°F); average daytime temperature: 30°C (85°F); average night time temperature [dry season: 26°C (77°F); wet season: 27°C (80°F)]. Rarely falls below 21° C (69°F).
Humidity: average Daily Range: 80-100%

Rainy Season Time of Year: October-April
Dry Season: May-September (even during the "dry" season months, some rain usually falls) 


kali_cent_2This is the home to a wide variety of amazing animals, to name a but a few orangutans, proboscis monkeys (Jimmy Durante), wild boar, crocodiles, gibbons, sun bears, mouse deer, barking deer, sambar deer, wild cattle and the rare clouded leopards. Yet it is primarily famous through its efforts of Orangutan Research and the Conservation Program, which is based at the landmark Camp Leakey research station.


This is a true rainforest and you will need to prepare yourself for going off the beaten track to get a closer look at the wild animals in their natural habitat. For this reason we highly recommend getting a guide at the entrance to the park, most have a basic to good level of English and we recommend asking as many questions of your guide as possible. Why, because they will be able to point out more than just animals but also give you a wealth of knowledge on flora and fauna, background information on culture and a better understanding of the local people too. Rates for your guides are based on a daily charge and well worth it. (Rp 150,000 to Rp 250,000 per day)


This region is also the habitat for fish arowana (dragon fish) which are usually sold at a high price. Especially prized by the Chinese Community because it is believed to bring good luck.


Every-time is the best time to get there, depending on of course what you want to see and if you are lucky enough to see it. Even if you have only time to visit for a couple of hours we still recommend this as it is great experience.


To get to Tanjung Putting National Park you will first arrive in Kumai (a town that acts as the entrance point to the park)


Gunung Pacungapung


It takes around one day to climb this amazing mountain. So you better be fit. You should pay your respects too as this mountain is seen as a holy site to the Dayak people. Your jumping off point will be the town of Muara Teweh, this town represents the last stop for the river boats along the Barito River. Again this is great opportunity to head off the normal tourist path and hire some Dayak guides to lead you into the rainforests and up the mountains to discover waterfalls, wild orchids and lost stone Dayak carvings.


kali_cent_3Palangka Raya


Palangkaraya is the capital of Central Kalimantan and has a variety of buildings and western conviences which reflect its position. For tourists it has turned somewhat into a city stopover before heading to other places. If you do find yourself here there are still plenty of things to do and enjoy. Did you know that Palangkaraya means “Great and Holy Place” so it can’t be all that bad.


Museum Balanga is a point of interest in itself as it demonstrates the various objects associated with the culture of the people Dayak People including traditional ceremony artifacts connected to the birth, marriage and death. In the art center you will find the Mandala Wisata which is a traditional house of Dayak People, to you and me it is the longhouse. At night, tourists can stroll to the night market at the corner of Jl Jawa and Jl Halmahera. This lively night market is a great place to watch the coming and goings of the local people and enjoy the culture.


There is also a nice lake nearby located in the village Tahai, well when I say nearby it is around 30 km away but there is a good highway that can take you there in around 30 minutes.


Pangkalan Bun



This is a sleepy little town with very few attractions. Yet it is a nice little stop over spot before moving onto Tanjung Putting National Park. By the way it is a no alcohol town so enjoy the tea instead.


kali_cent_4Sebangau National Park

(A National Park since 2004)


The Key Information

568,700 hectors

Terrain : peat swamp forest

100 bird species

16 reptile species

35 mammal species

69000 orangutans

200+ known species of orchids

600+ known species of tress

Temperature:range: 16-35°C (62-95°F); average daytime temperature: 30°C (85°F); average night time temperature [dry season: 26°C (77°F); wet season: 27°C (80°F)]. Rarely falls below 21° C (69°F).
Humidity:average Daily Range: 80-100% 

Rainy Season Time of Year:October-April
"Dry" Season:May-September (even during the "dry" season months, some rain usually falls) 


The WWF World Wildlife Foundation Indonesia do fantastic work across Indonesia and especially in Sebangau National Park. Access to the park is not guaranteed and you need to apply and pay in advance to gain admission. The good thing is that a high percentage of your admission fee does go directly back into the park and its development.