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Welcome to Kalimantan, the home of the orangutans, now let's examine the word orangutan for a second, what does it mean. If we look at the Indonesian word 'orang' meaning person and 'hutan' meaning forest we get a better idea of how close a neighbour these wonderful apes are to us, the people of the forest. 

You can visit the Orangutans at these National Parks:

Tanjung Puting National Park

Sebangau National Park

Gunung Palung National Park

Kutai National Park


We grow up knowing of the king of the jungle and these 'people of the jungle' are designed perfectly for their surroundings. A 5 meter arm span allowing them to move through the trees with grace and agility not forgetting their tremendius upper body strength. They are scavengers by trade living off what the jungle has to offer, from fruits to even bark in the scarce times. Although i am not promoting it, yet it works, as on average a male can live to see his 40th birthday. 


Now this might explain a lot of his habits as the male almost appears to have a mid life crisis at a young age and head out on their own and seek attention from as many young ladies as they can find, plus of course making as much noise as possible in the process too. You see, the similiaries grow, throw in a sports car and hair piece and then they could be human.


The fairer sex do seem to have the harder, however more rewarding role as they stay at home with kids and supply breakfast lunch dinner, education and all development needs. This bond is fasinating to see. It takes on such a strong maternal sense that you really see and feel the love that a mother has for their child. 

Plus what i want you to remember as you witness the mother holding her child is that, if possible it has even more value as, it is difficult for orangutans to bear child. It normally only happens once every eight years. Combine this fact with the logging industry and human development, you are viewing a miricle of life. 


Some argue that tourism is adding more pressure to an already fragile situation. For this I agree, yet disagree. Educated tourism / ecotourism is the key. There are so many wonderful places in Indonesia to witness oranutans in their natural environment and the admission fees go towards giving these orangutans 'people of the forest' a secure home for the future.

Added to this is much needed education for the local people who then see the jungle and Orangutans as a source of pride and your tourisim is a way for them to give their families a better life. 

We are proud to recommend the following national parks to enjoy an unfogettable face to face meeting with people of the forrest and the added comfort to know your being there has made a positive difference to our distant cousin's lives.





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