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Seram is located north of Ambon and the major town here is named Masohi. Seram is believed to be the birthplace of all Mollucans and is referred to by all as Nusa Ina meaning Mother island.


With Seram being the largest island in Maluku, it offers a wide variety of things to see and do. There are endless beautiful white sand beaches that will entice you into swimming and even snorkeling. The coral here is magnificent and you won't need to scuba dive to witness some of this amazing sea garden. For the more adventurous traveller you will come across waterfalls, rainforest trekking and rural villages.


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Probably the most revered place on Seram is on the northern coast. It's here where you will find the unique and very charming village of Sawai. Sawai has good to decent accommodation and will mesmerize you with its towering cliff faces and pristine beaches. Sawai is an ideal place to start your trip in Seram as Sawai can offer you various other trips around the island or even arrange your travel to other outlying islands.

The highest mountain on Seram and in the Spice islands is Gunung Binaya, she stands proud at 3027 metres. Manusela national park offers hard yet available trekking opportunities and the park stretches right across the island. It is strongly advised that you hire a guide to take you into the park as the whole trek will take approximately 7 days and you will need to stay in quite a few villages along the way. Treks can be organized from Sawai or Wahai.


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Getting to Seram is not as easy as getting to Bali but it is possible. There are numerous flight operators serving Ambon and from Ambon you will have to fly with Merpati to Masohi or Wahai. Merpati has been known to cancel flights at the last minute so it is always best to have a back up plan - probably by sea or by road.

If you choose to take the longer yet somewhat more reliable mode of transport – ferry, take the ferry from Ambon to Kairatu. Check out Pelini ferries for times and prices. If you are willing to pay a little more, you can opt for the speedboat that will take you from Ambon directly to Masohi.

There is a road system connecting Seram to Ambon and there are numerous bus services that will get you there. It may be a long and bumpy ride however it will be by far the cheapest alternative.


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