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Dompu is the capital of Central Sumbawa and has a little more to offer than its sister cities of Bima and Sumbawa Besar. Most people that head to Dompu are surfers in search of the perfect wave. Most of these surfers have returned with wild stories of endless waves hitting the south coast of Sumbawa. Don't expect to be greeted by great tourist facilities offering top range accommodation. Dompu is a town that can be used as a stopover on the way to Flores in the East or Lombok and Bali in the West, yet for those more adventurous types there is a little more behind this shy city. Even if you only intend to stay an extra day there is something that will take your interest from the relaxation of natural springs to the hectic races of Sumbawa's horses.


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Here are a few options to consider if you find yourself in Dompu for longer than a day.

Mada Prama is a place you should definitely visit after a long day trekking up Mount Tambora. The spring is located about 4 km from the main city of Dompu and is a great place for swimming and bathing. The spring is set in lush a tropical rainforest so don't be surprised if the odd monkey visits you.

Doro Bata is another place of interest for those wanting to explore the surrounding areas of Dompu. Doro Bata is the remains of the once majestic Dompu palace. It unfortunately met its demise when mount Tambora erupted in 1815 and covered the city in volcanic ash.

Lapadi is a great excursion for those interested in horse racing. Every Sunday in lapadi you will be met by the hustle of jockeys and horses all competing to win various races. Lapadi is located 5km south of Dompu and can even be reached in the traditional horse and cart. The races here are unique to the island of Sumbawa and should not be missed if you are around on a Sunday.


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Hu'u Beach

Is a popular surf spot spot that has been kept a secret for some time now. Its location is about 40 km from Dompu and about 100 km from Bima airport. Hu'u boasts the largest stretch of beach in the West Nusa Tenggara. Its long and uncompromising curling waves, give the area its reputation as one of the hottest spots for surfing in Indonesia.


This remote spot has gained popularity in recent years from surfers worldwide. It is a beautiful stretch of beach that offers some world-class breaks. There are four popular breaks in Lakey and the most consistent one is duly named Lakey Peak.

Lakey Peak is the most surfed spot in the Lakey beach area. The beauty of this break it that it allows to ride either right or left. The latter is the longer break yet has a heavier barrel.

Nungas is another popular break that is a left hander.

Lakey Pipe is not so far from Lakey peak and you will find the wave breaking at several sections.

Periscopes is about 1km from Lakey beach. Here you will encounter a very fast barrelling right-hander that is best at mid-high tide. A south swell probably works best for this break.

Accommodation is plentiful in Lakey with various bungalows lining the beach. Your best option would be to walk around in Lakey to find the best place.