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Savu is a very arid place and is believed to be the driest place in all of Indonesia. Few travellers make it out to this rocky outcrop of an island but those that do are met by very rich history and culture.

The island is a rugged paradise located between Timor and Sumba and has the lowest amount of rainfall in Indonesia. If you are in search of 12 hours of daily sunshine, then you have come to the right place.

The Savunese are a very proud people and for many years rebelled the Portuguese and Dutch form landing on their paradise. It is reported however that Captain Cook did land here in 1770 and left a carved plaque in the village of Namata.

There are two ways of getting here; those being by ferry from Kupang in Timor or Waingapu in Sumba. The ferries usually arrive once a week on Wednesdays and Sundays respectively. You will most definitely arrive on Savu through the small port of Seba, which lies on the west coast of the island. It is a pretty little town with a scattering of fisherman's huts lining the pebbly beach. There is limited accommodation in Seba however a recommended place to stay is Ongka Dai Losmen just a short walk up from the jetty.

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There are numerous places of interest for the traveller and the best way to do this independently is to rent a motorbike. Your Losmen will most certainly arrange this for you. The closest village is Namata where you will see traditional Suvanese houses shaped like upturned boats. If the peak of the roof reaches the ground it is said that the house is sacred and a place for storing ritual objects. It is also here in Namata where Captain Cook left a plaque.

Misara, in the far south of the island is worthwhile of a visit. The small village has three sets of Megaliths and numerous ritual structures. Be aware that taking photographs freely can be considered an insult to the villagers as some of the structures are highly sacred. Ask politely if you may photograph something and always carry Beetlenut with you to give as an offering to the villagers.

If you are here for the waves, then head to the small island of Pulau Raijua, which lies in the west. You may have to charter a boat but once there, there is a very attractive reef break on the south coast. Be aware that this area is also home to many tiger sharks.