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Papua Food & Drink

Food from Papua is a variety of indigenous ingredients collected from the jungle or grown in home gardens with the most common being the sweet potato locally known as kau kau. Wild meats are at hand, well only to the skilled hunter hand and unlike a large part of Indonesia Pork is popular and at its best cooked slowly over an open fire pit.


Some popular dishes are:

Wild greens (Kumu)

Stuffed Papaya

Bugandi Egg Drop Soup

Chicken Pot (Chicken simmered with vegetables and coconut cream)

Corned Beef and Pumpkin

Corned beef with rice

Pit-roasted pork and vegetables (Mumu)

Hula Crab and Taro

Fish with lime-coconut sauce (Kokoda Fish)

Fish with rice (Kol Pis No Rais)

Roasted Breadfruit

Coconut Rice

Sago and bananas with coconut cream (Dia)

Baked sweet potatoes (Kaukau)

Pumpkin Rice

Sago dumplings (Saksak)

Tapioca Cream Squares

Coconut-Papaya Jam

Banana with Coconut Cream

Pineapple in coconut cream (Talautu)



To wash it all down try….

Lemonade (Muli Wara)