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Head south out of Makassar following the coast road around the tip of the South Sulawesi peninsula, you’ll come to Bantaeng – a quiet coastal town with a centuries old tradition of fishing. In recent years, as the price of fish has declined, many of the fishermen have switched to harvesting seaweed, which is used in a variety of consumer products ranging from toothpaste to cosmetics.

LOKA CAMP is a resort and ropes course that offers a variety of confidence and skills building activities is a natural jungle environment. They are located in the Village Bonto Marannu Keacamatan Ulere about 24 km from Bantaeng. Check their facebook group for contact information.

Korong Batu Beach is a beautiful stretch of white sand that you’ll likely have to yourself – except of course, for the local fishermen. Perhaps, one of them may decide they like you enough to take you out in his boat for a little mini cruise. Korong Batu Beach is in the area known as Pa'jukkang - 18 km from Bantaeng.

Bissapu Waterfall tumbles over a high cliff into the valley below creating a natural bathing pool. Bring a picnic lunch, and leave the lowland heat behind and take the relaxing 15 minute drive up the winding mountain road into the refreshing coolness of the hills and enjoy the afternoon floating in the natural pool surrounded by the sights, smells, and sounds of a natural jungle.