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Toraja Misiliana Hotel


We arrived at the Toraja Misiliana Hotel at around 5am after an overnight bus from Maskassar, we were very tired and were met by two very friendly and welcoming staff who took us straight to our room. It was very clean with all the amenities that you would expect; tea and coffee making facilities, a TV and a fridge. The bed had a lovely traditional Torajan bedspread and was very comfortable. We opted for a non-air conditioned room, which was fine as nights get fairly cool in Toraja.

The hotel is quite large and is made up of a range of different buildings including traditional Torajan houses. The grounds within the hotel are filled with trees, plants and flowers, creating a tranquil and serene atmosphere.


toraja-hotel-2  toraja-hotel-3


The hotel has two pools, the larger one has a poolside café and lovely views of the hills in the distance, the second is smaller and more private. There is a salon where you can get a range of treatments.

The room included free breakfast, which had a large selection of Indonesian food and some western, the Pisang Goreng (fried bananas) and the local coffee were delicious.

The hotel is about a 10 minute motorised becak ride into Rantepao which is the main tourist hub of Tana Toraja. There are some great shops where you can pick up some good quality locally made fabric and wooden handicrafts as where as the standard tourist tat. The local delicacies include Bakso Babi (pork meatballs) and Es Pisang Ijo (banana wrapped in a green dough served with a sweet rice sauce) and these are available all over the town.




The main reason people visit Toraja is to see the caves and rocks where the local community keep the deceased. You can see cliff faces with a carved out holes to store coffins and huge collections of effigies. It is also possible to attend a traditional funeral ceremony where the local people are incredibly welcoming to foreigners. The places to visit are fairly spread out so it’s best to hire a driver to take you around, The Misiliana Hotel organised all this for us, which made it really easy to explore the area.  All the staff at the hotel were incredibly helpful and provided lots of information for us about the area and contributed towards a very pleasant stay in Tana Toraja.