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Wakatobi is a dream diving destination and as soon as you arrive in this small archipelago in southeast Sulawesi, you certainly won't be disappointed at the beauty of the place - above and below the water.

Jaques Cousteau once said that this area of Indonesia was probably some of the best diving in the world and times certainly haven't changed, with numerous people returning from Wakatobi recounting the beautiful adventure they also had. The archipalego consists of 4 main islands; Wangi Wangi, Tomea, Binongki and Kaledupa. All these islands have superb dive sites that will leave you wanting more.

Wakatobi lies in the heart of Indonesia's so called "coral triangle". This area of the world is an immense stretch of tropical waters where marine biodiversity is in abundance and the area is kept pristine with large conservation efforts. If you do find yourself here, you will certainly have the feeling you have discovered a very untouched area of Indonesian paradise.


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Getting to Wakatobi was, in the past, somewhat difficult which in turn kept this area of Indonesia so pristine. Times have changed just a little with the new airport that was opened in 2009 on the island of Wangi Wangi. Most travellers arrive in Wangi Wangi via Makassar in South Sulawesi. Express Air is the only carrier that will take you to Wangi Wangi. Once there it's a boat ride to the island of your choice.

Most people will come to Wakatobi for the diving. There aren't many dive operations in the area but maybe this is why you want to come. The two main dive operations are:

Wakatobi Dive Resort was the first established dive operation in the area and has been thrilling its guests with a fantastic level of accommodation and service. Wakatobi Dive resort even has its own airport and will transfer you directly from Denpassar in Bali straight to the island. Prices can be a little high but the service is second to none.


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Patuno Resort Wakatobi is the latest addition to Wakatobi and gives a welcome alternative to Wakatobi Dive Resort. This place is significantly cheaper than its competitor and offers very good accommodation along the beach. It was with the construction of the airport that this resort came to life. It gives a very good alternative offering more people the chance to visit this corner of paradise.