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Orang Pendek

Orang Pendek


Hobbits, Big Foot’s cousin Little Foot, Little man of the forest call it what you will but the search has been going on for hundreds of years for Orang Pendek” (Short Person). The western world first learnt of this half human creature in the 1400s when Sir John Mandeville returned to Europe with reports of a human like creature living deep in the Sumatran rainforest that whistles to communicate.


Orang-Pendek   OrangPendek1


Sightings by locals are frequent and consistent yet this can be explained away by mythology and folklore. Yet there have also been encounters by visitors to the area, Dutch Hunters in the 1920’s reported seeing animals so human like that they could not fire. Today, respected conservationists such as Debbie Martyr have described witnessing a biped moving through the forest that has a close physical relation to a human but yet distinct ape like qualities.




All these reports of Little Foot come from the area around Kerinci Mountain. The jungle is deep and vast with many places for such a community of bipedal Short People to exist escaping detection from the outside world. With this said factual evidence is mounting that such a creature does roam the jungles foot prints have been found that do not match any know species and unique organic evidence has been collected.


Does Orang Pendek exist? This short human like animal with chocolate orange bodily hair and large ears stands in at only around 3 feet and seems to enjoy its privacy. If you see one while trekking through Sumatra’s rain forest remember to take a picture and finally set this 600-year-old mystery to rest.