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Palau Weh

Pulau Weh

Palau Weh is located on the northern most point of the Indonesian Archipelago. Due to its remoteness you can safely presume that Pulau Weh is an untouched piece of Indonesian paradise.

The island is in the shape of a horseshoe and the main town of Sabang is where most of the locals reside. The main areas of interest for the visitor are the beaches of Gapang and lboih, 20 kilometres north of Sabang.

The island will certainly give you a sense of adventure in that you will feel like an explorer discovering wonderfully pristine beaches and virgin rainforests. The waters around Pulau Weh are some of the clearest in Indonesia as well as the fine coral that houses itself just off the coast.


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Most visitors head to Pulau Weh for its fine diving and you won't be disappointed at the amount of big fish you will see in these warm waters. Whale Sharks are a common resident in the waters as well as Manta Rays, Turtles, Dolphins, Dogtooth Tuna and Requiem Sharks just to name a few. There are several shipwreck sites that will offer the more experienced diver some great challenges. If you are not a diver, don't despair, as snorkeling is probably some of the best in Indonesia.

A very reputable dive operation on Pulau Weh is lumbalumba. This dive operation is located on Gapang beach and can certainly offer you all your diving dreams.

Accommodation ranges from basic bamboo huts on the beach to more modest bungalows also on the beach. As mentioned, the two areas of interest for the traveller is Gapang beach and Lboih.


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Getting to Pulau Weh, you have two options; those being an overnight bus from Medan to Banda Aceh and then a small ferry to Gapang. The fastest option, if time is short would be to take the plane from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Banda Aceh.

The 2004 tsunami didn't affect Weh as badly as Banda Aceh however it did receive a moderate beating. The locals all pulled together to replant, rebuild what areas had been affected and this goes to show the true spirit of the community that lives harmoniously on Pulau Weh. The locals are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people you will ever meet so make an effort to make life long friends.


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