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Sumatra Food & Drink

Sumatra Food and Drink

What to expect on your plate.

‘Salamat Makan’, Bon appetite

Food from Sumatra is, spicy with a touch of spice and sprinkling of spice, needless to say there are a lot of chilies used, lemon grass, ginger, garlic and coriander. If you like to walk on the moth burning side the Padang is your dream home in the West Sumatra.


Some popular dishes are:

Beef Randang or Rendang (dry beef curry which is quite spicy but delicious with the most tender beef pieces)

Soto (traditional Sumatran noodle soup very similar to a Laksa with coconut milk and spices. usually served with Ayam chicken)

Sumatra Chicken Curry / West Sumatran Fish Curry (colourful dishes with a fresh flavor with the combination of coriander, chilli, ginger and lime)

Bubur jagung (a popular dessert made with corn which can be served hot or cold)

Sambal (Indonesia chilli paste and is used in many different dishes or added to noodle soups while eating)

Durian Sambal (an old Sumatra dish combining the unusual flavor of the Durian fruit and spicy chilies)

Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng (an old favorite for young and old, fried rice and noodles)

Ayam Tangkap (Achenese, a spicy chicken dish cooked without coconut milk like the Padangese food)

Gulai Merah (Red Short Ribs of Beef)

Bawang goreng (fried, dried onions and is used extensively for garnishing Indonesian food like Nasi goreng or soups)

Ayam Kacang Bukkitinggi (Peanut Chicken)

Ayam goreng (fried chicken is traditional all over Indonesia but especially tasty in Sumatra)

Gulai Daun Singkong Tumbuk (Grilled Fish with Green vegetables)

Gulai Merah (Red Short Ribs Of Beef)

Rujak (Pungent Fruit Salad)


To wash it all down try….


Sumatra is the cultural and emotional home of Kopi Luwak, Coffee Luwak, the world’s most expensive and tasty coffee. Where does it come from and why is it so special you may ask? Are you sure you want to know? Let me introduce you to the Paradoxurus, that's the scientific name, Indonesian’s call them luwaks. Little mammals that live in the trees, and it just so happens they love red, ripe coffee cherries. They eat the cherries, and the rest is biology. Through a chemical reaction in the luwak’s stomach it fermentations. It then passes through the digestive system, and exits. The beans is then collected by the most under appreciated and loved person in the working world. Then cleaned, roasted and packaged to find its way to your breakfast table.

This all produces a coffee that is like no other. With a rich, heavy flavor with hints of caramel or chocolate and with undertones of earthy musty and exotic aromas.


How to make a perfect cuppa the Indonesian way...

Step one: a heaped spoonful of ground coffee in a cup. Step two: add boiling water with no filtering process. Step Three: leave to allow the coffee to sink to the bottom of the cup. Step Four: Enjoy the very gritty texture and feel the kick. For those with a sweet tooth add some condensed milk which then makes the coffee extremely sweet.


Purchase Sumatran Coffee online: